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Indoor Track ends most successful campaign ever with VISAA appearance

Posted On: Wednesday, February 20, 2013
By: wsimmons.

The 2013 Indoor track and field season ended at the VISAA Indoor Championships held at St. Christopher School in Richmond, VA.  This was the most successful year in school history with school records falling, personal records set for most of the athletes, and a large number of fun memories.  At the VISAA alone, Bishop Ireton athletes earned 3 new school records and 10 personal records (PRs). 

At the dinner after the VISAA meet, Coaches Williams and EveLyn shared with the athletes how proud they were of the team spirit and commitment the athletes showed all season, showing up during winter break in the cold and light rain and snow, giving up their Sundays to go train in the pool, and asking the coaches to add extra practices if they missed a day due to school closings.  This commitment showed in the number of personal and school records in almost every event.  To date this was the largest continuous number of student-athletes to participate in the program in school history and when you factor that the majority of students are underclassmen, the future looks bright.

The following represent the athletes with the 11 new school  indoor records:

 Christiana Grant in the 200 meters, Gabrielle Hall in the 500 meters, Rosie Hartwell in SHOT, Philomena Hughes in the Long Jump, Loren Gant in the Triple Jump, Gabrielle Hall in the 800 meters, Christiana Grant, Gabrielle Hall, Kaitlyn McNutt and, Grace Hersey in the girls 4 x 200, Anthony Mondragon in SHOT, Joseph Sardegna in the 200 meters, Sebastian Gutierrez in the 55 hurdles, and Sebastian Gutierrez in the Long Jump.

 Personal Records were set by the following athletes:

  55m                                                   300                                                      500

Joseph Sardegna                                 Joseph Sardegna                                 Joseph Sardegna

Cory Conway                                      Anthony Mondragon                           Cory Conway

 Santiago Gutierrez                              William Lamb                                      Patrick Reilly

 Sebastian Gutierrez                            Gabrielle Hall                                     Grace Hamilton

 Ciaran Lewis                                       Christiana Grant                                Philomena Hughes

 Anthony Mondragon                       Philomena Hughes

Patrick Reilly

 Ryan Verducci

Corey Johnson

 Bernie Hayes

Grace Hersey

 Christiana Grant

Rosie Hartwell


            800                                                      1000                                                    1600

            John-Paul Ryan                                   Aaron Ault                                          Aaron Ault

            Aaron Ault                                          Kaitlyn McNutt

            Patrick Reilly                                      Megan Reilly

            Megan Reilly                                      


            Hurdles                                               SHOT PUT                                         Jumps

            Kaitlyn McNutt                                   KB Samson                                          Anthony Mondragon

            Loren Gant                                         Bernie Hayes                                       Loren Gant

            Annie McHugh                                    Ryan Verducci                                     Philomena Hughes

            Adriana Nelson                                   Santiago Gutierrez

            Sebastian Gutierrez



            4 x 400 Girls                                       4 x 400 Boys                                        4 x 800 Boys

            Lolo Hoque                                         Corey Johnson                                    William Lamb

            Annie McHugh                                    Sebastian Gutierrez                            Cory Conway

            Adriana Nelson                                   Ciaran Lewis                                       Patrick Reilly

            Erin Roosa                                          Patrick Reilly                                      Aaron Ault


            4 x 200 Boys

            Justin Paige

            Ciaran Lewis

            William Lamb

            Brandon Williams-Price


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